Talent ID Day

Nomination & Selection Process
Local coaches and managers are encouraged to identifying and nominate players in the U12-U14 age groups who have shown potential to their local club. During the month of May, BEARS contacts each club for their TID nominations and nominated players are invited to participate in the Talent Identification sessions. As BEARS will only accept players nominated from their local club, please check with your local club for more details. Talent ID sessions are normally held in the June/July school holidays each year.

Talent ID program – Assessing skills of future champions
During the talent ID sessions, Queensland Cricket's Regional Development Officers and a group of level one and two coaches will be assessing the skills of nominated players for their suitability for selection in this season's BEARS Regional Coaching Program. Please contact your local BEARS affiliated club if you believe you should be nominated.

Selection Criteria

When assessing players for inclusion in the ‘BEARS Regional Coaching Program selectors will consider:

  • Past Performances under Pressure
  • Younger player with potential who succeeds/performs in a higher age group/grade;
  • The ability of a player to be accountable and responsible for their performances;
  • A players’ awareness that success is the result of hard work, which is their responsibility e.g. Fitness, health, training.

Event Details for 2017

Two half day talent identification sessions have been scheduled for Sunday 25th June and 2nd July 2017. The sessions will be from 12pm to 3:30pm at Redlands Tigers Cricket Club, Wood Lane, Wellington Point.