Each year the zone runs a Regional Cricket Program. This program is designed to provide players within the BEARS region the opportunity to enhance their individual game through a variety of elite training sessions usually conducted weekly by BEARS and Queensland Cricket. Each player within the program will have access to specialist coaching which will enable them to improve their technical, tactical and physical requirements of the game.

Each club has nominated players to attend the Talent ID Day (TID) to select RCP participants. This year RCP will be run over 6 consecutive Monday evenings commencing 10 August 2020.

To be eligible for selection:

  • You must be within the correct age group
    • u12 - 1/9/2008 to 31/8/2009
    • u13 - 1/9/2007 to 31/8/2008
  • Your club must have nominated you - ie you name must appear in the lists below
  • You must register your attendance and pay the registration fee via MyCricket ($10.20)
  • Regisrations must be completed by Friday 17 July 2020
  • You must be available to attend the trials on Sunday 26 July 2020 (details below)

Note: separate Stage 1 trials for Representative Team selections will take place later in the year - As such, if you are not selected for RCP you are still eligible to trial for the representative teams.

Refund Policy - PLEASE NOTE: once you have registered and paid, there will be no refunds.

MyCricket Registration details

  • You are required to log in to MyCricket using your MyCricket ID and Password.
  • Each player has a MyCricket ID. If you are unaware of your players MyCricket ID you can search MyCricket via:
  • If you do not know your Password, you can use the Forgot your password option on the signin page
  • You must complete the registration form including making payment online
  • There is a question in relation to session times - please refer to the below information prior to completion


Please note: the registration links are specific to the age groups. Please register using the correct link.

While the registration close date has passed, for now we will continue to allow late registrations. Please be aware you may not get the session you request - the session allocation will be at the sole discretion of BEARS.


Venue: Holland Park Cricket Club (Whites Hill)
Date: Sunday 26 July 2020 (reserve day 2 August 2020)
Session Times (*): 10 AM and 11.30 AM
Registration Link:


Venue: Bulimba Cricket Club (Colmslie)
Date: Sunday 26 July 2020 (reserve day 2 August 2020)
Session Times (*): 8 AM, 9.30 AM, 11 AM
Registration Link:


(*) Note: when completing the online registration:
  • If you can attend at any time - do not select a time option
  • If you can not attend all times - select a primary and secondary time option - we will do our best, but can not gurantee you will receive the options requested - this will be done on the order of registrations (so the sooner you register the better your chances are)

All registrations must be completed by Friday 17 July 2020.
Your allocated session will be made available online by Monday 20 July 2020.

Attendance on the day

  • Please arrive at the session at least 15-30 minutes prior to the start in correct playing gear, with sun cream on ready to start on time.
  • Players are required to wear their normal cricket whites. No representative OR club clothing of any description is allowed to be worn.
  • Your playing number (noted below) should be easily visible to selectors on the players shirt and helmet.

The following players have been nominated by their respective clubs

To attend, please ensure you register and pay using the links above - only registered players will be allowed to trial on the day.



The following players have registered for the TID / RCP Trials on Sunday 26 August 2020. Please ensure you arrive at your allocated session at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.

On the day all non participants attending (including drop off and pick ups) are required to completed the COVID-19 attendance register. This is available via the QR code at the registration desk or by clicking on the following link.
BEARS Attendance Register. This must be done on arrival and departure.

NOTE re u12: Given the number of boys who registered, it has been decided to run only two sessions and not the original three proposed. The times of these are now 10.00am and 11.30am at Whites Hill. We have attempted to align you as close as possible with your initial requested times. Preference was given to those who applied first. If you are unable to make the time allocated, or have problems nearer the day, please email the JDOC, John Heath, (

U12 Nominations
U13 Nominations
ID No. Name ID No. Name
u12 10:00AMu13 8:00AM
11363371Albion, George13486641Ahern, Thomas
15902604Aspinall, Tom (7.45 Bulimba)19612675Anderson, Harvey
12328095Baker, Toby96653812Biddle, Luke
120055595Ball, Lachlan120510613Black, Izaak
11370718Barton, James105924714Buckle, Lachlan
125999511Bray, Kingsley139994015Burns-Bytheway, Taran
157418812Brookwell, Ben109519918Caust, Lewis
117574917Cassell, Will109520222Collins, Toby John
149633325Donnelly, Flynn117317524Coop, Jye
125512232Gore, Edward192135628Doman, Rhys
141586894Harrison, Alexander113856832Ehler, Jack
131299437Hatcher, Martin150176240Goodwin, Hudson
126681438Haynes, Thomas172738546Harris, Hugo
132505639Heard, Lucas157609050Heath, Christopher
193086344Kothekar, Mihir109613353Hillier, Alister
139913347Longland, Tom131939557Jones, Dominic
129725948Maguire, Hayden123044163Maguire, Noah
127947651Midanowicz, Joshua 91199767McKeon, Callum
172725857Pandian, Aashish127007068McMahon, Lewis
113862958Patel, Ish97267370Mee, Charlie
117438062Pomeroy, Harry135526473Murphy, Sam
149614464Quirk, Taylor162725376O'Shea, Zac
143350174Stieper, Liam114254185Reilly, Conor
127067379Taylor, Harrison122476396Smith, Alexander
104186885van Huyssteen, Nathan104499297Smith, Hayden
139101989Wilkins, Max96607098Smith, Lachlan
109523790Williams, Jackson126792299Souter, Will
1400432106Tesch, Oscar
1096161111Walduck, Alexander
1157225112Whaites, Lachlan
1424753113Witham, Lachlan
u12 11:30AMu13 9.30AM
19081932Andersen, Edward110676910Barrett, Joshua
11372016Baker, Zachary155869317Campbell, Shaun
134853213Bruce, Declan142337823Cook, Alexander
143507114Bruce, Joshua177558826D'Amore, Lucas
127201110Borger, Alexander122591127Dickie, Andrew
112357015Bryde, Charlie179137337Gamage, Sadara
157530419Coleman, Oscar104618442Hall, Toby
135384521Conway, Charlie149733043Haller, Jesse
165834323Cretan, Lucas124609244Hamilton, Hayden
123301933Hamilton, Cohen122953751Hemani, Samil
149939534Harriden, Jack177774052Herrmannsen, Nicholas
114087736Harriss, Alexanda149733658Jones, Max
146201297Keane, Daniel178129659Kelly, Reuben
154093645Lalwani, Shivam122123962Lipp, Rylie
188892446Lestani, Benjamin130288964McCarthy, Oliver
132302053Murrihy, Mitchell165827665McClymont, Kai
123784654Neary, Liam122131371Mody, Sanay
139095455Neil, Hamish130471772Morton, Harry
192185060Pauli, Samuel128300782Price, Joshua
117003565Ramsay, Tate168066690Rukavina, Tyler
114254566Reilly, Will125488192Shaw, Hayden
172948871Sargood, West1463854101Spencer, Daniel
165841172Sheppard, Aaron970161103Stinson, Liam
138543880Thomson, Luke1075388107Thallon, Finn
162862881Tooth, Jackson1246089114Zendler, Ryan
114193386Vaseo, Thomas
161247087Wardrop, Maximus
127442088White, James
125047892Wolfik, Ezra
123089493Zeller, Phoenix
u13 11.00AM
19477612Ahuja, Medhansh
11356766Angas-Johnson, Lachlan
12780599Bainbrigge, Nate
1200557115Ball, Aidan
114978316Butler, Jack
125255619Chaudhari, Yuvam
132541321Collett, Hugo
104499729Donovan, Hudson
104575431Ebeling, Noah
158161833Esterhuysen, Willem
132546638Gilligan-Davies, Rian
115940039Gleeson, Max
9671708James, Ashton
128914175Orbell, Jacob
126069777Owen, Matthew
172757178Palasara, Muhammedhadi
175018879Patel, Aryan
175904880Paterson, Barton
125498583Rae, Theo
139994284Rege, Donal
113706087Ritchie, Joshua
162836388Robertson, Caleb
129121489Rogers, Daniel
178994191Shanmugaprasath, Thanushkar
107288193Shepherd, Harrison
158081495Smalley, Keita
1341239100Speare, Finnegan
1096158105Storen, Angus
1758753109Underwood, Angus
1251472110van Buren-Schele, Ulrich




The below players were nominated by their clubs. These players will be able to attend the Stage 1 trials in August - further information will be provided shortly.



U12 Nominations
U13 Nominations
Number Name Number Name
1Albion, George1Ahern, Thomas
2Andersen, Edward2Ahuja, Medhansh
3Anthony, Michael3Alldridge, Aiden
4Aspinall, Tom4Anderson, Christopher
5Baker, Toby5Anderson, Harvey
6Baker, Zachary6Angus-Johnson, Lachlan
7Barnes, Alexander7Anup, Anvesh
8Barton, James8James, Ashton
9Bhende, Priyan9Bainbrigge, Nate
10Borger, Alexander10Barrett, Joshua
11Bray, Kingsley11Bath, Zachery
12Brookwell, Ben12Biddle, Luke
13Bruce, Declan13Black, Izaak
14Bruce, Joshua14Buckle, Lachlan
15Bryde, Charlie15Burns-Bytheway, Taran
16Budzevski, Oliver16Butler, Jack
17Cassell, Will17Campbell, Shaun
18Chettleburgh, Troy18Caust, Lewis
19Coleman, Oscar19Chaudhari, Yuvam
20Colrain, Lucas20Clutton, Jack
21Conway, Charlie21Collett, Hugo
22Cox, Hamish22Collins, Toby
23Cretan, Lucas23Cook, Alexander
24deKroo, Kalan24Coop, Jye
25Donnelly, Flynn25Crase, Ethan
26Dorahy, Sunny26D’Amore, Lucas
27Esterhuysen, Ochse27Dickie, Andrew
28Fidge, Macsen28Doman, Rhys
29Gardiner, Zach29Donovan, Hudson
30Gobo, Joshua30Earnshaw, Jack
31Godwin, Archie31Ebeling, Noah
32Gore, Edward32Ehler, Jack
33Hamilton, Cohen33Esterhuysen, Willem
34Harriden, Jack34Fanning, Elisha
35Harris, Sam 35Forster, Joseph
36Harriss, Alexanda36Fullerton Crane, Jasper
37Hatcher, Martin37Gamage, Sadara
38Haynes, Thomas38Gilligan-Davies, Rian
39Heard, Lucas39Gleeson, Max
40Henderson, Benjamin40Goodwin, Hudson
41Hill, Harrison41Gustafson, Jake
42Jones, Hugo42Hall, Toby
43Kooran, Edwin43Haller, Jesse
44Kothekar, Mihir44Hamilton, Hayden
45Lalwani, Shivam45Hamiton, Ethan
46Lestani, Benjamin46Harris, Hugo
47Longland, Tom47SPARE
48Maguire, Hayden48Harvey, Eamon
49McKenzie, Joshua49Harvey, George
50Meena, Prasaan50Heath, Christopher
51Midanowicz, Joshua51Hemani, Samil
52Muir, Henry52Herrmannsen, Nicholas
53Murrihy, Mitchell53Hillier, Alister
54Neary, Liam54Holmes, Patrick
55Neil, Hamish55Jobi, Donnell
56O'Neil, Patrick56SPARE
57Pandian, Aashish57Jones, Dominic
58Patel, Ish58Jones, Max
59Patterson, Lachlan59Kelly, Reuben
60Pauli , Sam 60Kothari, Ryan
61Pearce, George61Krieger, Toby
62Pomeroy, Harry 62Lipp, Rylie
63Pratt, Jake63Maguire, Noah
64Quirk, Taylor64McCarthy, Oliver
65Ramsay, Tate65McClymont, Kai
66Reilly, Will66McDonnell, Oliver
67Robbins, Edward67McKeon, Callum
68Robertson, Blake68McMahon, Lewis
69Robertson, Darby69McMahon, Ronan
70Saju, Joshua70Mee, Charlie
71Sargood, West71Mody, Sanay
72Sheppard, Aaron72Morton, Harry
73Smibert, Bryn73Murphy, Sam
74Stieper, Liam74Nel, Connor
75Stone, Hamish75Orbell, Jacob
76Sullivan, Sidney76O'Shea, Zac
77Sweetnam, Oscar77Owen, Mathew
78Swifte, Callum78Palasara, Muhammed Hadi
79Taylor, Harrison79Patel, Aryan
80Thomson, Luke80Paterson, Barton
81Tooth, Jackson81Paterson, Hamish
82Trost, Max82Price, Joshua
83Turner, James83Rae, Theo
84van Delden, Bailey84Rege, Donal
85van Huyssteen, Nathan85Reilly, Connor
86Vaseo, Thomas86Rigby ,  Finn 
87Wardrop, Maximus87Ritchie, Joshua
88White, James88Robertson, Caleb
89Wilkins, Max89Rogers, Daniel
90Williams, Jackson90Rukavina, Tyler
91Wilson, Matthew91Shanmugaprasath , Thanushkar
92Wolfik, Ezra92Shaw, Hayden
93Zeller, Phoenix93Shepherd, Harrison
94Harrison, Alexander94Singh, Yuvraj
95Ball, Lachlan95Smalley, Keita
96Smith, Fraser96Smith, Alex
97Smith, Hayden
98Smith, Lachlan
99Souter, Will
100Speare, Finnegan
101Spencer, Daniel
102Stehbens, Joshua
103Stinson, Liam
104Stone, Jack
105Storen, Angus
106Tesch, Oscar
107Thallon, Finn
108Thomas, Joel
109Underwood, Angus
110van Buren-Schele, Ulrich
111Walduck, Alex
112Whaites, Lachlan
113Witham, Lachlan
114Zendler, Ryan
115Ball, Aidan