RCP Squad Announcement

2020 RCP Selections

Thank you to all players who participated in the trial process.

To those who weren’t selected, remember that RCP is not used as a selection process for any Bears teams. Dates and venues for Stage 1 trials will be published shortly.

Congratulations to the following players who been selected for the BEARS RCP.

The cost of the RCP program is $51.00. Those selected MUST register and pay using the following link. Please do this prior to Monday 10 August 2020.

RCP Registration Link (

Please be mindful of the COVID requirements - refer to BEARs COVID Information.

There will also be a requirement to sign in and out when attending - A QR code will be available on the night, however the attendance register can also be accessed using the following link (or from the COVID Attendance page): RCP Attendance Link

U12 Selections
U13 Selections
ID Number Name ID Number Name
120055595Ball, Lachlan1200557115Ball, Aidan
127201110Borger, Alexander96653812Biddle, Luke
143507114Bruce, Joshua105924714Buckle, Lachlan
149633325Donnelly, Flynn124609244Hamilton, Hayden
125512232Gore, Edward122953751Hemani, Samil
149939534Harriden, Jack109613353Hillier, Alister
114087736Harriss, Alexanda123044163Maguire, Noah
129725948Maguire, Hayden165827665McClymont, Kai
127947651Midanowicz, Joshua 130471772Morton, Harry
143350174Stieper, Liam128914175Orbell, Jacob
114193386Vaseo, Thomas128300782Price, Joshua
127442088White, James113706087Ritchie, Joshua
139101989Wilkins, Max178994191Shanmugaprasath, Thanushkar
109523790Williams, Jackson126792299Souter, Will
125047892Wolfik, Ezra1096158105Storen, Angus
123089493Zeller, Phoenix1075388107Thallon, Finn
141586894Harrison, Alexander1096161111Walduck, Alexander
1157225112Whaites, Lachlan

DATES: Each Monday from 10 August 2020 to 14 September 2020 from 5PM to 7PM at Whites Hill Reserve (Holland Park JCC).

Players are required to attend as many training sessions as possible. Training will be different each week. After the first general week, each training session will have a focus session. These focus sessions may be on bowling, batting, fielding or game awareness.

To help players, certain items will be required for every session:
  • Players must have a filled water bottle
  • Players need to bring all their match day equipment, pads, bats, helmets etc to EVERY session.
  • Wicket keepers must bring their wicket keeping equipment to every session.
  • EVERY PLAYER MUST HAVE A BASEBALL MITT. There will throwing training sessions. To prevent injuries, players will need to get a baseball mitt to help them catch throws. REMEMBER: if you throw right-handed you need a glove for your LEFT hand.
  • Players may also need to have a carbohydrate snack for before training and a protein snack for after training.
Prior to the first session, each player needs to think about:
  1. What is my key player IDENTITY? Am I a batter (opener / first drop / power hitter), spin bowler (Leg / off spin), Pace Bowler, Swing Bowler, wicket keeper, all rounder (batting / bowling / keeper)
  2. What plans to I have for my chosen identity?
  3. What are my cricketing strengths?
  4. What are my cricketing weaknesses?
  5. What do I want to improve at RCP?
  6. What is my ultimate cricketing goal?
I look forward to seeing you all soon.

John Heath
JDOC - Male

Updated:4 August 2020