U12 Trials

BEARS Selection Process U12




All players that attended trials on 13/10/2019 are invited back to complete the BEAR's stage 2 trials on 20/10/2019.


Registration is at 8-00am for an 8-30am start. The trial will be completed at approx 3-30pm.

There will be a PvP match on the main ground.

There will be another match on the second ground to select players for BEAR's Ian Healy Cup teams. Some players will be rotated on/off the field to share an even amount of playing time so 3 squads can be selected to represent the BEAR's region at the IHC carnival.

Players on the second field are encouraged to remain positive, as selectors have historically still moved players across to the main field for consideration for selection in the State Team.

Matches will consist of 2 innings on the day.


Teams and fields the players will be selected to start with on Sunday, will be announced by Selectors on Sunday morning at the trial.


The BEAR's Executive wish everyone the best of luck and trust that you will enjoy your day of cricket together.



An update has been posted on the Facebook page - changes have been made - please refer below link.!/story.php?story_fbid=3115234388548673&id=1994753667263423&ref=page_internal


Sunday at Bulimba are still scheduled to take place however the groups will be split into two.

The morning group is to arrive at 8-00am for an 8-30am start.

Players numbered 1-31 are in the morning group.


The afternoon group is to arrive for 12pm for a 12-30pm start.

Players 33-62 are in the afternoon group.


Updated - 13/04/19

To all players trialling for this seasons U12 representative teams, the BEARS executive wish you the very best as you put your skills on show. Thank you for supporting junior cricket in our region and we hope you gain valuable experience and further develop your skills by being a part of our selection process.

This season selectors from BEARS, RCI & EDJCA will be selecting approximately 50 x U12 players to represent our zone in upcoming Rep carnivals.

1 x BEARS U12 State Championship Team playing in Cairns, 16-20 December 2019


1 x Bears U12 Development teams playing in Ian Heally Cup hosted by Albany Cricket Club - January 2020

Please Note Costs for Carnivals:
To help parents budget and plan ahead for the expenses associated with providing representative opportunities for children we will clearly list the costs. Please make yourself aware of the costs prior to nominating your child for possible selection.

Important Logistical Information for Players and Parents

To each session you attend please be sure to bring:

Your own cricket kits; broad brim hat and or cap; sunscreen; water; food/snacks

What to wear:

For each of the trial sessions players are required to wear their normal cricket whites.


No representative or club clothing of any description is allowed to be worn.


A plain white or cream shirt but try to distinguish yourself from others. No representative clothing of any description is allowed to be worn. Tip for young players: The more professional you look the better.

Commitments if selected:

Please be aware of your obligations as a player if you are selected. There will be 1 training day, 3 practice games on 4 consecutive Sundays commencing the 5th November as well as weekly training (start date yet to be confirmed) You will be required to be part of these important 'pre-carnival' games and training. See the latest BEARS rep calendar for more details. You must also meet the BEARS Selection Policy.

Representative Trial Process

Combined group of RCI and EDJCA players will be attending all 3 selection sessions.

Stage 1: COMPLETED FOR 2019

Who attends 1st stage of trials?

If you are playing within the RCI, EDJCA or BEARS competition (and are 11 years of age as at the 31st August 2019) and are a member of one of the following clubs:

RCI Clubs - Redlands Sharks, Muddies, Wellington Point, Cleveland Thornlands , Alexandra Hills, Ormiston College, Loganholme  or

EDJCA Clubs - Wynnum, Carina, Bulimba, Holland Park, Villanova, Mansfield, Redeemer College

You are eligible to attend the 1st trial stage. This first stage will include a net session, games and fielding drills to allow you to put your skills on show.

Please arrive at the session at least 15 minutes prior to the start in correct playing gear, with sun cream on ready to start on time.

Players ARE required to be nominated by their club to be eligible to attend.

Please be aware that PLAYERS will be attending a representative trial and selectors will be looking for players with above average skills in each facet of the game.

Depending on the size and skill level of the group some players may not be invited back to attend the 2nd trial stage. Selectors and coaches will be discussing this with players at the end of the 1st session.


Venue: Bulimba Cricket Club, Colmslie

Time: Trials will be split into groups. Times TBC (Session may run longer depending on player numbers)



Stage 2:  Names Below



Who attends 2nd trial session?

Combined BEARS, RCI and EDJCA Players invited to attend from 1st stage

(please note depending on the size and skill level this may be the whole playing group from stage 1 or a selection of players. This will be discussed by coaches/selectors at the end of the 1st week's trial)

Stage 2's session will mainly consist of players breaking into teams and playing a series of games. There may be some players allocated to net sessions during the day.

Date: 13/20 October




An update has been posted on the Facebook page - changes have been made - please refer below link.!/story.php?story_fbid=3115234388548673&id=1994753667263423&ref=page_internal


Venue: Bulimba Cricket Club, Colmslie

Time: 8.30am - 3.00pm

*** Please arrive by 8:00am to ensure the trial can begin on time. Players are to bring their own lunch and water bottles as there will be limited food and drinks available at the canteen. 

All invited players will take part in a Match/Game Sense simulation were players will be broken into teams to play against each other.

Batting and Bowling orders and logistics of the session is at the discretion of the selectors.

At the conclusion of these matches the selectors for BEARS, RCI and EDJCA will nominate players into  teams.

One BEARS State Championship Team

Teams for Ian Healy Cup, number of teams TBC

Teams will be posted on the BEARS website


Please number your shirts according the following table.

1- Christopher Anderson
2 - Nate Bainbridge
3 - Aidan Ball
4 - Joshua Barrett
5 - Luke Biddle
6 - Lachlan Buckle
7 - Shaun Campbell
8 - Lewis Caust
9 - Jack Clutton
10 - Toby Collins
11 - Connor McDowall
12 - Alexander Cook
13 - Lucas D’Amore
14 - Andrew Dickie
15 - Hudson Donovan
16 - Jack Earnshaw
17 - Jack Ehler
18 - Joseph Forster
19 - Rian Gilligan
20 - Hudson Goodwin
21 - Toby Hall
22 - Jesse Haller
23 - Hayden Hamilton
24 - Christopher Heath
25 - Samil Hemani
26 - Alister Hillier
27 - Arush Hiremath
28 - Patrick Holmes
29 - Donnell Jobi
30 - Max Jones
31 - Dominic Jones
32 - Amreen Kahlon
33 - Ruben Kelly
34 - Ryan Kothari
35 - Noah Maguire
36 - Callum McKeon
37 - Charlie Mee
38 - Sanay Mody
39 - Harry Morton
40 - Jacob Orbell
41 - Hamish Paterson

42 - Joshua Price

43 - Theo Rae

44 - Joshua Ritchie

45 - Daniel Rogers
46 - Tyler Rukavina
47 - Thanuslikar Shanmugaprusath
48 - Yuvraj Singh
49 - Thomas Slade
50 - Keita Smalley
51 - Hayden Smith
52 - Lachlan Smith
53 - Alexander Smith
54 - Will Souter
55 - Finnegan Speare
56 - Joshua Stehbens
57 - Angus Storen
58 - Oscar Tesch
59 - Finn Thallon
60 - Alexander Walduck
61 - Lachlan Whaites

62 - Aryan Patel


BEAR's U12 Representative Talent Pathways