Rep Overview

BEARS provides representative cricket opportunities for boys and girls in the u12-u15 age groups. There are several components that make up the representative program:


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Stage 1 Trials - u12, u13 and u14 ages will undertake Stage 1 trials in March each year.  To be eligible for Stage 1 trials your club must nominate you.  Stage 1 trials are generally net sessions (with some limited centre wicket if considered appropriate). The purpose of the trials are:

  • for u12 and u13 - identification of a number of players eligible to attend RCP (refer below) - In some prior years there has been a separate Talent Identification Day (TID) to assist with RCP selections - this will not occur for the 2020/21 process.
  • for u12, u13 and u14 - identification of players to progress through to Stage 2 trials (refer below).


Regional Coaching Program (RCP)
Each season BEARS looks to develop up and coming talent with the U12-U13 age groups. This program is designed to provide players within the BEARS region the opportunity to enhance their individual game through a variety of elite training sessions usually conducted weekly by BEARS and Queensland Cricket. Each player within the program will have access to specialist coaching which will enable them to improve their technical, tactical and physical requirements of the game.  More details are available under the RCP menu.


Stage 2 Trials - u12 to u15 will undergo final trials during the months of September and October for selection in State and Development Teams with official teams announced early in November. Stage 2 trials are generally conducted as match simulations. More details on the selection process can be found under the Selections Menu


BEARS Rep Teams
The official BEARS Rep Teams is usually announced early November following the conclusion of the selection process. This year players will have the opportunity to be selected in the following rep Teams:

1x u12 QJC
2x u12 Development
1x u13 QJC
2x u13 Development
1x u14 QJC
1x u14 Development
1x u15 QJC

1x u15 Development

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