BEARS (Bayside East and Redlands Cricket Association ) comprises a zone covering the Bayside region, Eastern suburbs and the Redlands district. The BEARS committee consists of elected representatives nominated at the AGM.

Objectives of BEARS 

  1. To encourage young people to play the game of cricket
  2. To promote the game of cricket across the zone specifically catering for junior cricket from affiliated clubs and schools. Competitions will be conducted in the Under 13 to under 17 age group and subject to its responsibility to the Queensland Cricket Association Inc.
  3. To advance the interests of junior cricket by providing cricket competitions in junior age levels.
  4. To operate as a medium through which junior cricket in the zone can become a united force.
  5. To arrange, control and manage intrastate and other cricket matches in the zone at a junior level and/or to cooperate with other bodies in so doing, subject to its responsibility to the Queensland Junior Cricket Association (QJCA) and consequently to Cricket Australia.
  6. To act at all times in the interest of Queensland Cricket